Garrett Infinium LS™

Manufacturer: GARRETT
Manufacturer part number: 1152070
Garrett Infinium Hottest New Surf & Underwater Discriminating Pulse Detector, Extreme Depth, Discriminates Iron, Impervious to Mineralization Waterproof to 200 ft, Extremely Sensitive to Small Gold
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Garrett Infinium

Hottest New Surf & 
Underwater Discriminating Pulse Detector, Extreme Depth, Discriminates Iron, Impervious to Mineralization Waterproof to 200 ft, Extremely Sensitive to Small Gold


General Information:
Advanced Pulse Induction (API) Technology
730 Pulses Per Second
Microprocessor Controlled
Adjustable Automatic Ground Tracking
Adjustable Frequency
Adjustable Discrimination System
Completely Submersible When Used With
Optional Underwater Headphones
Standard With Above Water Headphones

Operating Controls (3):
1. Power, Automatic Ground Track Slow
(Slowly Adjusts For Changing Ground
Mineralization), Automatic Ground Track Lock
(Fixes Ground Balance At Last Slow Or Fast Setting), Automatic Ground Track Fast Rapidly Adjusts For Changing Ground

2. Discrimination (Target Elimination) – Fully
Adjustable Discrimination Mode (This Control
Doubles As A Frequency Control, See
Below). Increasing This Control Increases
The Amount Of Conductivity A Target Must
Have To Produce A Signal.

3. Threshold Control - Variable Threshold
Control With Frequency Adjust Position At
Full Clockwise. This Control Is Adjusted To
Produce A Faint "Threshold" Audio Sound.
Some People Find It Easier To Think Of This
As A "Squelch" Control.

4. Frequency Adjust - When Threshold
Control Is Set At "Freq. Adjust" Position, The
Discrimination Control Becomes A Frequency
Adjust Control, With 32 Separate
Frequencies To Choose From. Setting A
Different Frequency Can Reduce Electrical
Interference From Electrical Mains Or Other

The Infinium LS Provides Two Types Of
Discrimination Information

1. Dual Tone Audio - The Audio Signal For
Low Conductivity Items Is A High Tone
Followed By A Low Tone. The Audio Signal
For High Conductivity Items Is A Low Tone
Followed By A High Tone.

2. Standard Discrimination - Increasing The
Discrimination Control Sets A Higher Level Of
Conductivity That A Target Must Have To
Produce A Signal. Many Low Conductivity
Trash Items May Be Eliminated This Way,
Such As When Coin Hunting. Also, Certain
Large Trash Items May Be Identified As They
Cannot Be Tuned Out, Whereas Many
Valuable Items, Such As Jewelry Or Gold
Nuggets, Will Be Tuned Out (Reverse

2 Year Warranty


Control Housing:
Control Housing Borrowed From Proven
Reliable Sea Hunter Model - Fully
Submersible to 200 Feet (65 Meters)
All Controls Environmentally Sealed and
Totally Waterproof
All Searchcoils Are Interchangeable With Waterproof Connector To Control Housing
Waterproof Headphone Connector To Control Housing Allows Use Of Different Headphones
Near Neutral Buoyancy When Used Underwater

3-Piece Stem Design:
Electronic Housing Mounting Locations;
Above Stem, Below Stem, or Beneath Cuff
Off Stem – Hipmount/Chestmount Pouch

14" x 10" Power DD Elliptical Epoxy-Filled,
Open Design. Best Choice For High Mineral
And Saltwater Conditions
Optional Searchcoils – 8" Round & 14" x 10"
Elliptical Mono

Battery Data:
Automatic Audio Battery Check
8 AA Batteries – Included
Sealed Battery Compartment – Externally
Accessible Via O-Ring Sealed Access Port
Drop-In Battery Pack - No Leads To Connect
Operating Time - Approximately 10-15 Hours

Deluxe Padded Headphones With Individual
Volume Controls For Each Ear. Dry Land Use
Only (Underwater Headphones Optional)

Operating Weights:
Control Housing w/Batteries – 2 lbs 1.2 oz
Headphones – 15.1 oz
Rod/Coil Assembly – 3 lbs 3.8 oz
Total Weight with Headphones and Batteries
- 6 lbs 4.1 oz


Optional Items:
14" x 10" Mono Searchcoil For Increased Detection Depth And Sensitivity In Light To Moderately Mineralized Soil. Ideal For Detecting Larger Items On Land Or Underwater. List $149.95


8" Mono Searchcoil For Use In Light To
Moderately Mineralized Soil. Will Aid In The
Detection Of Smaller Items And Provide More
Maneuverability In Tight Quarters. List


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